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This incredible hands-free device for your phone looks at first to be a pair of regular winter gloves, but in reality, it’s a pair of convenient Bluetooth gloves equipped with an earphone and a microphone that is integrated into the fingertips. You can speak on the phone with a simple gesture with no need to take off your gloves. This way you can keep your hands protected against the cold, it’s the best winter accessory, a true must-have.

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These innovative pair of Bluetooth equipt winter gloves are designed for use with your touchscreen device and allow you to answer calls using gestures.

The Shaka phone hands-free gloves are compatible with all Bluetooth phones and have been specially designed for users of touchscreen devices (100% compatible with smartphones: iPhone, Android, Windows). Thanks to their advanced technology, the fingertips of the gloves are conductive and touchscreen-sensitive, so you can use them for any function of your mobile phone and you won’t need to take them off. They don’t scratch nor damage the phone screen. Operating range: 10m. Charging time: 1.5 hours standby battery range: 30 hours battery talk time

This item includes a pair of black hands-free gloves USB charging cable features: composition: 84% acrylic, 10% spandex, 6% conductive fibers, 2.1% polyester, 2.1% cotton, 1.8% other fibers.

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Weight 0,153 kg
Measures (cm) 13,5 x 24,0 x 3,3

13,5 x 24,0 x 3,3


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